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The Village Area of Bartlett

       Page 3 "Over the River"

River Street Bridge - Probably 1900.  Check out the two people on the bridge, one with a yellow coat and top-hat.  The other person looks to be wearing a red union suit (underwear) and black boots.

river st bridge color.jpg
bartlett river st bridge 1909.jpg

Another early view of the River Street bridge.  Note the fence on the right indicating cows or horses were kept there.  The cave on Cave Mountain is clearly visible. 

bartlett river st bridge3 (2).jpg
river st bridge.jpg

River Street Bridge and Big Rock swimming hole.  Date is about 1920.  

big rock and bridge.jpg
1967June River St Bridge Replace 02.jpg
1967June River St Bridge Replace.jpg

June to October 1967:  The iron River Street bridge is demolished and replaced with a modern bridge design.

1967_Oct River St Bridge Replace 03.jpg

Cave Mountain

cave mtn.jpg

Cobb Farm Road - Bartlett - Looking East.  In the days when plowing was not a priority. House belonged to Jim Connors, the next house would be Katherine Dorset.   Photo Courtesy Maureen Hussey


Mid 1940's Cobb Farm Road.  The G.K. Howard farmhouse.  That's Donna Chappee all bundled up.  She was born in this house October 24, 1939.  G.K.Howard (1864-1949) operated a farm in this area and I was told this house was part of the 93 acre farm.  G.K. Howard gave the property to James M. Howard when James returned from World War 2.  James and wife Dorothy originally lived on River Street but later built a house at the west end of the property where they lived out their lives.   In addition to the Chappee's, the house was home to  Ninna McGraw, Gordon Treffey and the Bellerose families to name just a few over the 1940 to 1960 decades.    It was said, "the snow blew through the walls there!"    

Cobb Farm Road - Bartlett - Looking West.  The buildings are today's (2018) Katherine Dorset house.   This photo is dated 1906.


If you grew up in Bartlett anytime before the 1990's you will definitely remember swimming at 2nd Iron. 


These photos are from about 1950.


Stanton Slope 1940


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