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Eastern Slope Signal Newspaper

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Titles are on each page in red.  Click on page to see full screen larger version.  On that screen you can enlarge to make it more readable. 


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This editor has selected some of the more interesting articles to display here.   They are sequenced by date.   

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The Eastern Slope Signal was published weekly only December to March from 1963 to 1967.  It was usually 8 pages per issue.  It was published by the local radio station, WBNC, in Conway.  Skip Sherman was the editor and it was printed at the Reporter Press Newspaper building in North Conway.  Your website editor, Dave Eliason, in High School at the time, delivered the paper every Friday afternoon/evening to all the significant businesses on the northern route from North Conway to Wildcat and Bartlett Village.  Skip did the Southern route as far as Osippee.  It was a very popular publication at the time.

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