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Hotels - Inns - Cabins - Boarding -                      a brief preface

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Aside from the railroad, tourism may have been Bartlett's second largest industry.  We have identified about 75 historical lodging establishments, although there are probably a few more that have been forgotten over the years.  Many of the names are for the same buildings during different time periods. 

The various Inns and Lodgings are broken down into three separate sections as shown in the links below:   

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The saga of hotels, inns and taverns is integral to the history of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Early settlers were quick to realize the potential value of offering lodging to teamsters, explorers and naturalists. As the region’s fame spread, businessmen and prosperous farmers began to visit the mountains. When travel to the “Crystal Hills” became easier, the area blossomed into a playground for the well-to-do.

Before the era of railroads and big hotels accommodations were somewhat limited.  There were many small taverns where wayward travelers and stage coaches stopped.  One of Bartlett's earliest establishments, that still exists, is the Mountain Home Cabins. 

Many of the lodging places shown in the list below can be found on the historic map included.  You can access it by clicking the blue box link below: 

1.    Bartlett House (the)  1856-1892
2.    Beechwood (the) 1977-present Red Apple Inn
3     Bellhurst
4.    Bellevue  (Intervale)
5.    Bide-a-Wee 1920-1941
6.    Broadview (Intervale 1924)
7.    Cannells Camps
8.    Castner’s Camps 1930-1950?
9.    Cave Mountain House (the) 1890-1905
10.    Cedarcroft 1892-1953
11.    Centre Bartlett House Joseph Mead
12.  Charlie’s Cabins 1930-1960
13.  Cole’s Camps 1935-Present Better Life Cabins
14.  Comstock Inn
15.  Country Squire Motor Lodge 1966-present

       Crystal Hills Lodge and Ski Dorm
16.  Dunrovin’ 1910-1945
17.  East Branch House 1810-1898
18.  Elmcrest 1930-1940
19.  Elmwood Inn
20.  Elms (the)
21.  Emerson Inn  -  burned in 1948
22.  Fairview Cottage  1854-
23.  Forest (the)
24.  Forest Inn
25. Fosscroft 1928-1950 (replaced the Langdon House
26.  Garland (the) 1905-
27.  Gateway, the 1890-1990 The Target/Abenaki
28.  Glendennings Camps 1932-
29.  Glenwood by the Saco
30.  Goodrich Falls Cabins
31.   Hampshire House
32.  Headlands, the (intervale)
33.  Howard (the) 1912-1989
34.  Intervale House, the 1860-
35.  Linderhoff Motor Lodge 1966-1995
36.  Lone Maple Cottage 1930-1960
37.  Langdon House 1880 -
38.  Maple Cottage 1920-1950
39.  Maple Dale Cottage 1928-1959
40.  Maple Villa
41.   Meadowbrook 1945-Present Wills Inn
42.   Mt Surprise Cottage (Kearsarge)
43.  Mountain Home Cabins 1931-present

44.  Mountain Rest 1809-present New England Inn
45.  Norland Cottage
46.  North Colony Motel 1974-present
47.  Obed Halls Tavern
48. Old Fieldhouse, the 1964-present
49.  Pequawket House 1854
50.   Perry's Rest 1934-present
51.  Pines (the) 1925-Present Bartlett Country Inn
52.  Pine Cottage
53.  Pitman Hall 1905-mid1930's
54.  Pleasant Valley Hall 1893-present
55   Red Apple Inn
56.  Riverside
57.  Roselawn 1910-1926
58.  Saco River Cabins 1935-1992 Forbes
59.  Silver Springs Cottage 1900-
60.  Silver Springs Tavern 1930-1990
61   Sky Valley Motel 1950-present
62.  Spruce Knoll Tea Room & Cabins
63.  Stilphen’s Farm 1810-
64.  Sweets Farm Inn 1920-1938
65.  Swiss Chalets 1965 - present
66. Target, the (later the Abenaki)
67.  Tasker Cottage
68.  Thompson’s Inn 1918-1990 Chippanock
69.  Titus Browns Inn 1810
70.  Upper Bartlett House 1854-
71.  Villager, the 1972-present
72.  Wayside Inn of Sam Stillings
73.  William Whites Tavern
74.  Willow Cottage Inn 1910-1925
75.  Woodbine Cottage
76.  Woodshed (the) Fosey's Roadhouse 1920-1971


The current Mountain Home Cabins originated in the early 19th century, probably as a stage stop.  It was originally part of the Stillings family land   It became the property of James and Emeline Nute  They sold the business to Clifton and Lucille Garland.  The cabins were built two per year starting in 1931.  In the 1920's, before the cabins, it operated as a campground. Cabins being a seasonal operation allowed Lucille to be a school teacher in Bartlett and Clifton tended milking cows.  The property continues to be operated by Clifton's grand children who also operate Bear Notch Ski Touring Company from the site.  

Source Material from "The Latchstring Was Always Out" by Aileen Carroll, 1994

The establishments we know of are divided by which parts of town they were located in.  Choose from the links shown below:

As early as the mid 1800's entrepreneurs even endeavored to place hotels atop mountains.  There were more than one.  This one was atop Mount Washington.   It burned in 1870, was rebuilt and burned again in 1908. 
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