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Scotty Mallett is progressing on the task of sharing his extensive knowledge of the history of the railroads in Bartlett.  Please check back periodically to gauge his progress.  Be sure to "re-load" pages to be sure you are seeing the most recent updates.  

Train Stations

Bartlett had three train station stops

The Intervale Station is on Intervale Crossroads - opposite the scenic vista.

The Glen-Jackson Station was located behind today's Red Parka Pub.  It is now a ski club.

The Bartlett Station was in the Village on Railroad Street behind today's school.  It only remains as a memory.

We have devoted a separate page for each station.  Click the blue button for more details.  

bartlett station 1908.jpg

The Bartlett Village Station - 1909

More Railroad Pages - Menu Top Right...

There are many more pictures at the Facebook Page "MEC RR MT DIVISION".

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