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Bartlett 'most boring town'? Locals beg to differ

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The Mission of the Bartlett Historical Society (BHS) is:

  • The collection and preservation of data and items pertaining to the history of Bartlett, and Hart’s Location, plus the unincorporated town of Livermore

  • Stimulating interest in the history of Bartlett, Hart’s Location and Livermore through the promotion and conducting of educational opportunities and events related to the history of these three towns and the Mount Washington Valley region.

Current Information & Events 

May 2024 FOCUS
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2023 Annual Directors Report - Bartlett Historical Society -      GO THERE

The SPRING 2024 Newsletter is Ready.  Interview with Ed Bergeron and other Interesting Things for Your Perusal.  CLICK HERE

For the Museum Project Information and New Photos of Our Progress,                                          Click Here  



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Much has been written about the Evans Family who resided at the Mt Willard Section House yet we don't hear so much about others who raised their families next to the tracks.  Joseph and Florence Monahan were one such couple who raised their six daughters at the Willie House Station Flagstop, two miles east of the Evans family.  
Read their interesting story Here                            

The Youngest Monahan Daughter, Agatha, wrote her memories of "Happenings Growing Up By The Railroad Tracks at Willey House"  when she was 88 years old.  It's a fascinating story of how different life was more than 100 years ago.  __                                                         Read her story here     

DR BEMIS AND HIS STONE HOUSE                  Go There Now
Remember The Mountain Ear Newspaper?  There are more than 100 excellently researched articles of local interest at this link.  We can thank Jane Golden and Steve Eastman and many others for this historically valuable collection.  This link will open in a new window.

The President of your Historical Society, Phil Franklin, doesn't talk much about himself, so this editor sought out some details about Phil.  


He had a long career with the Hartford Insurance and Aetna Insurance Companies as a Senior Administrator and Program Director in Connecticut.  He attended Providence College and Xavier High School in Middletown, CT.

Phil is no stranger to the world of volunteerism and the act of giving back, not only to those things that enabled his own success, but community endeavors as well. You can read his volunteer philosophy at this link: (There are some nice pictures too.) 

"As a long time volunteer at Xavier he never stopped giving back."

 When Phil and wife, Sue, moved to Bartlett they said "We're not just moving to Bartlett to be here- We're moving here to be part of the community."  During his time in Bartlett he served four years as Chairman of the Bartlett Planning Board (2015-2019).  He's on the Board of Directors for the Stillings Grant Homeowners Assoc and is a contributing writer for the Mt. Washington Valley Vibe magazine.  Phil has been part of the Bartlett Historical Society since 2015.  As you may know, Phil has been the instrumental force behind the renovation of the Catholic Church in the Village to be the new location for the Bartlett History museum.  

If you see Phil out and about, do some name dropping.  He may be curious how you know so much about him.  He knew that I was going to add something here...but I didn't tell him exactly what, or how much.

Phil, Sue and Grandchildren


Phil, Sue and the Snowroller Project


The News of Days Gone By At Bartlett, N.H.
No One Covers the Bartlett News Better Than The Bartlett Express:   Click box>>


Your Directors meet once a month and anyone with an interest is welcome to attend.  

 Meetings are held at the Basement Meeting Room at the Village Congregational Church.   

We normally post the date and time here, but if not, call Phil Franklin at 603 374 5023.

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Do you have any interesting stories or pictures to share ??

We would like to highlight them on this website.  

Send To Dave at his email address;





The Bartlett History Museum. 
It's been a remarkable journey, the community support has been fabulous and
we want to share our progress with everyone. To that end we have created an updated section of new information, pictures and a current budget showing how we have spent your donations thus far and how much more we need to get the doors open.

For the Museum Project Information,                                 Click Here  

If you want to donate now without looking through all the details JUST CLICK HERE.

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If you missed the Peter Limmer Presentation you can watch it here. "The History of Limmer & Sons, Custom Hiking Boot Makers"  

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Peter Limmer Presentation 1-9-2022 (2) (1)

Peter Limmer Presentation 1-9-2022 (2) (1)

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 Are You Looking For The Quarterly Newsletters ?  

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Remember The Mountain Ear Newspaper?  There are more than 100 excellently researched articles of local interest at this link.  We can thank Jane Golden and Steve Eastman and many others for this historically valuable collection.  This link will open in a new window.


You might notice the website address ends in NET, whereas our primary site ends in ORG.   It has a different website address but it is still your Bartlett History website.  We are slowly migrating all the "Dot Org" information to the "Dot Net" platform.  We doubt you'll notice jumping from one platform to the other.  Bear with us as this transition continues.


The hosting and domain fees for both sites have been donated by your web-site editor.  Thank you for visiting.

Dave Eliason is your website editor. 
He always welcomes new content, so send him something.  Criticism, comment or factual corrections are also welcome. 
Dave donates the entire cost of supporting and maintaining this website so your dues can be used for other pressing needs.   
We also thank Scotty Mallett for his contributions to the railroad section.  His knowledge of that history is invaluable. 

Pinkham Notch Rte 16 as it was in the very early 1900's  nkham
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