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Bartlett 'most boring town'? Locals beg to differ

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Peter Crane, Author

You can enjoy the best book ever written about Livermore:

In 1993 Peter Crane wrote his Doctoral thesis titled "Glimpses of Livermore: Life and Lore of an Abandoned White Mountain Woods Community".  It is probably the most extensive research project ever undertaken for the Town of Livermore. 

Peter has given us permission to share this link to a PDF version of his book.  
You can read it here


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Read about our Preservation Project to Create/Open our Bartlett History Museum – For Project Information, Click Here  
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Scotty Mallett recently volunteered to be our railroad historian and we couldn't have found anyone more qualified.  Take a look at his work in our railroad section.

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Our Archives: Books, Documents, Physical Objects, Names Lists, Cemetery Burial Lists; Kathleen has been working hard to organize what we have.  

Remember The Mountain Ear Newspaper?  There are more than 100 excellently researched articles of local interest at this link.  We can thank Jane Golden and Steve Eastman and many others for this historically valuable collection.  This link will open in a new window.


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Your Directors meet once a month and anyone with an interest is welcome to attend.  


 Meetings are held at the Josiah Bartlett Elementary School in the Community room.  

We normally post the date and time here, but if not, call Phil Franklin at 603 374 5023.

We have the details of our public programs for 2020. CLICK HERE to see what we found for you.   

Take a look back at an old newsletter where we focused on the Ski Industry in Bartlett over the years.  It's here

RAPID REWIND;  Here is one of the first newsletters, June 2007.

Several people have asked me where the 1952 aerial photos of Bartlett are located. 


Click the airplane:   


Whitney Bowley sent us 8 pictures of the 1936 Hilltown Slide.

You say, "I Never Heard of That".  

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Pinkham Notch Rte 16 as it was in the very early 1900's  nkham

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