People Stories

Bartlett has been home to many interesting people.  Read about some of them here.  



Josiah Bartlett


Mary Bartlett


Dr. Harold Shedd

Ethan Allen Crawford

George Family

Hall Family

Robert Morrill

Saunders of Livermore

Titus Brown Inn

Tasker Family

How Places got Their Names

Dr Leonard Eudy Smallpox Doctor



George Howard Interview


Ben Howard Interview


 Gail Paine Interview

Dwight Smith Interview

Dale Mallett Interview

John Cannell Interview

Charlotte Teele Interview

Bert George Interview Pt 1

Bert George Interview Pt 2

David Shedd Interview

Dave Eliason Interview

Peg Trecarten Fish Interview

The Glen Road, also known as the Pinkham Road, was built by Daniel Pinkham (born 1779)  who was granted all the land from Jackson to Gorham in 1824.  He did so at great expense to himself but greatly improved travel for the general public.  Mr Pinkham was also a lay preacher with much ability. 

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