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Ice cutting on Saco Lake, photoGO

Idlewild at Intervale - story and pictureGO

Idlewild - Crawford Notch-GO

Income from Tourists in 1886GO

Indian Chief Two Eagles - Government InterviewGO


Indian Life, Culture, Wars, Theft of their land       GO


INN-KEEPERS TALES-this section needs input from YOUGO

Intervale Farm 1906 Frank CarltonGO


Intervale House - undated newspaper clip - guest name dropping. -

road repairs updateGO

Intervale House, TheGO

Intervale House, The - 2 great picturesGO

Intervale Inn - John CannellGO

Intervale Lodging Map 1887GO


Intervale School Rte 16A - picture and storyGO


Intervale Ski Area - Dick Stimpson- newspaper article 1962GO



Intervale Ski Area - kitchen photo Priscilla and Dave EliasonGO

Intervale ski jump - 1960'sGO

Intervale SlopesGO    


Intervale Ski Area - Link to Lost Ski AreasGO

Intervale Station - the whole storyGO

Intervale Railroad Station - Memories of Ted Houghton        GO

Intervale train depot - pictureGO



Jackson, Betty - at Sky ValleyGO

Jackson, Betty - Lived at Rogers Farm/CrossingGO

Jacobson, Harold, Edith, (and don't forget Arthur)GO

Jilly, Paul - bottom of pageGO

Johnson, Albert - Class of 1940 Reunion & ObitGO


Johnson, Carroll (CJ) - obitGO




Jones, Richard AGO

Jones, Robert - fireman - picture 1980GO

Jones, Robert  -  obitGO

Jones, Bob Sr.  Trainman  -  photo 1961GO

Jones, Richard A   -  obitGO

Jose Brothers - Bartlett Land & Lumber CoGO


July 4th PicturesGO

Junion Ski Program - 1948 group photo at SkimobileGO

Junior Ski Program - 1958 group photoGO

Junior Ski Program - unidentified group at CranmoreGO

Kaharl, Alonzo - Bartlett teacher 1900GO




Kancamagus, Indian Chief       GO

Kearsarge Mountain, Hotel on       GO

Kearsarge Mountain, origination of name     GO

Kearsarge School District #4 -  1897        GO

Kearsarge School History (newsletter article - page 6)     GO

Kearsarge, U.S.S. battleship, naming of     GO

Kelley, Carroll W - obit        GO

Kelley, Jean - pic       GO


Kennison family       GO

Ken's Coffee Shop - Glen - picture       GO

King, Bill - Newsletter Interview Page 6      GO

King, Doris (Dot) Monahan, Education      GO

King, Peter                                 GO

King Philip's War  (king Philip was an Indian)       GO


Knight, Brian - family storiesGO   

Knight, Charles Edward - Railroad Signal reports

Knight, Charles Edward - family photoGO

Knight, George - Railroad Investigation 1906GO

Knight, Paul - 1940 High School ReunionGO


Labbe, Edie Rose - obitGO


Lady Blanche Murphy HouseGO

Lady Blanche Murphy 1883 Newspaper ArticleGO

Lady Blanche House Story by Dick GoffGO

Langdon House, IntervaleGO

Laughlin, killed in fall from Mt. StantonGO

LeBar, Carrie - Lone MapleGO

Leich, Jeffrey - HistorianGO

Letter-MCRR to Formen, dangerous crossings 1909GO

Levi "Pork Barrell" DumasGO

Library, History of Bartlett LibraryGO

Library of Congress - resources (off site link)GO


Limmer Boot Company        GO   


Limmer, Peter, Jr   -   obitGO


Linderhoff Inn - (on Charlie's Cabins Site)      GO


Lindsey, 1880 DWI accident Mt Washington Auto Road kills 2, injures 5 


LINKS TO other interesting local sites and referenceGO


Livermore, Camp #2, Group Photo        GO

Livermore, Glimpses of - a Thesis (Book) by Peter Crane      GO

Livermore, Howarth Post Card Collection, 1919GO

Livermore, Lumbering practices and Lumber Barons       GO

Livermore, Mary JaneGO

 Livermore, Mill - PhotoGO

Livermore, Odds n Ends we received             GO

Livermore Postcard, 1907 with postmarkGO

Livermore - Saunders Brothers Bio       GO

Livermore School House 1928 - pictureGO

Livermore, Shackford era & Janet Hounsel Article      GO

Livermore, snowrolling, 1921 - PhotoGO

Livermore, Supreme Court Case     GO

Livermore -  Time-Line Summary      GO

 Livermore, Tom Monahan Video      GO 

Livermore YANKEE MAGAZINE article - 1969    GO


Lobdell, Frank & CharlotteGO


Lock Shop, theGO

Locomotive 505 explodes in Crawford Notch  1927GO

Lodging Establishments Long Gone, A List         GO

Lodging Establishments Long Gone, A Map       GO

Lombardi, Dr.  Sled Dog Race Winner in 1963GO

Lowd, Howard & SadieGO

Lower Bartlett School District #1 - 1897GO

Lynn, Robert Michael -  obitGO

Lyons, Jack O.  -  obitGO


MacDonald, Bill, last occupant at LivermoreGO

Mail Cars, RailroadGO

Main Street Bartlett Village 1890's - photographGO


Main Street Upper Village 1900-1920 picturesGO

Malaria, NH and Bartlett, 1882GO


Mallett, Alfred - early photoGO

Mallett, Dale and Store-  Newsletter Interview)GO

Mallett, Harry - High School Class Reunion, 1940GO

Mallett, Ralph - photo May 1942GO

 Mallett, Ralph - Newsletter Interview Page 7 -      GO 


Mallett, Leslie - picture, storyGO

Mallett LocomotivesGO

Mallett, Scotty - Railroad Historian - Announcement in NewsletterGO


Map, Bartlett 1892, high resolution, Rumsey MapGO  opens new window

Map, Bartlett, upper village area 1890GO

Map, Collection of 25 early maps at WM History.orgGO

Map, Cooks Crossing - 1945  small mapGO

Map, Historic Lodging Establishments, some from 200 years agoGO

Maps of Bartlett with property owners namesGO

Map, historic lodging establishmentsGO

Map, historic lodging establishments, IntervaleGO

Map, Portland & Ogdensburg RailGO   

Map, Sawyer River RailroadGO

Map, State, 1796 high resolution - Rumsey Map CollectionGO opens new window



Maple Cottage, the       GO

Maple Dale Farm Lodging       GO

Maple Mountain Logging 1914 - picGO

Maplewood Inn = Bartlett Village, pictureGO

Marcoux, George (Red), Fire Chief - pic and storyGO

Marcoux, Johnny and wife, in front of the old jail (1950)GO

Marcoux, RogerGO

Mark, Dewey - ProfileGO

Marvel, William - Civil War Historian, U.S.S.     Kearsarge itemGO


Matthews Inn - formerly Pitman Annex and Walter Pitman's residence (half way down this page)GO


McManus, Gerald  (obit)GO



Mead, HenryGO

Mead Lewis, Sandra - Cabins - picsGO

Mead, Lewis - PicGO   


Mead, Ralph & Elizabeth - Willow Cottage InnGO

Mead, Ralph L.  -  ObitGO

Medeiros, John R. - obitGO

Meadowbrook Motel - Glen - picture       GO

Melcher, Edward (Willey Slide Rescue Party)GO


Mersereau, Jimmy - obitGO

Military CommitteeGO

Military Veterans Information FormGO

Miller, Cecile (Formerly Dudley)  -  obitGO

Miller, Jim and Book signing event for his Storyland HistoryGO


Minnie Cannell Tea Room  -  photo      GO

Monahan, Agatha --"Happenings Growing Up By The Railroad Tracks at Willey House"    GO

Monahan, Gertrude                     GO

Monahan, Joe and Florence = Willey House Flagstop      GO

Monahan, John - dies at Livermore 1934GO

Monahan, Phyllis Foley - obit and pictureGO

Monahan, Tom - video of his memories of Livermore     GO



Mono-rail train at Attitash - article in ES Signal newspaperGO



Mono-rail train at Attitash - picGO       


Montalban Ridge - origination of nameGO

Moody, Bill - group photo 1933GO


Morey, Florence - Photograph        GO


Morrell, Robert - 10th Mountain DivisionGO

Morrell, Robert and Ruth - Storyland foundersGO

Morrell, Robert = obitGO

Morrell, Stoney = obitGO

Morrow,Jim and Olive,1922 photo,Livermore-Yankee MagazineGO

Morse, Robert - killed in train explosionGO


Morton, Ellsworth - His Recollections:  1947 - 1952GO

Morton, Marion - obitGO  

Morton, Peter - obitGO

Moulton, John E - obitGO


Moulton, Levi - brief bio sent in by Sandra StrawGO


Moulton, Samuel & John - Headstone pic and what we know of them (Bottom of Page)GO

Mount Kearsarge - name origination       GO

  Mount Mitten - origination of name       GO

Mount Surprise Cottage was in Kearsarge (still is)GO


Mount Willard House - burned by railroadGO

Mount Willard House being burned - photo     GO

Mountain Ear Chronicles - Stories Local InterestGO

Mountain Home Cabins - pic/storyGO

Mountain Home Cabins - moreGO

Mountain Home Cabins, 1952 aerial photo courtesy Al EliasonGO

Mountains, Name origination, Sweetser Guide Book, 1918     GO

Munn, Fred - engineer - 1939 photoGO

Murder at a Country Inn-In-hospitable HospitalityGO



Mudgett, Frank,Stephen,Herbert- Intervale House, StoryGO

Murphy, Laurence A - 1940 High School ReunionGO


Mystery Question???  Hannah Hall HeadstoneGO


Nancy Brook, Mountain - origination of nameGO

Nash, Clinton - Livermore, agent representing Saunders SistersGO


Nash, TimothyGO

Native American Place Names and meaning      GO

Nealley, Olive (Sterling) - 1940 Class ReunionGO

Nelson, Alvar Otto: obituaryGO


New England Inn (Bloodgood Farm)GO

New England Ski Museum - Skiing in BartlettGO

Newsletters Archives, Bartlett Historical Society       GO

Norcross, Nicholas - ref: Livermore - Elkins Grant      GO


Notchland Inn - Mt Ear Chronicles - The Bernardin Era - 1984     GO

Nudd, John and Mary Interview.  Page 7          GO 

Nute, James and Emmaline       GO

Nute, James and Emmaline - pic in front of Mountain Home     GO


Obed Hall's Tavern 1793 in upper village     GO

Obituaries        GO

OConnell, Elizabeth and John - Dunrovin Inn     GO

OConnell, Maureen L.   -   Obit     GO


Odd Fellows Hall and movie theatre   GO

Ohlson, Verland Swede - obituary        GO

ONell, Daniel - obitGO

Outhouse at Intervale Ski Area - newspaper articleGO

Owen, Miriam   (Bob Morrell's Sister) (2010 picture)GO



Pabst, Fred Jr.   Intervale Ski AresGO

Paine, Gail - Newsletter Interview Page 6     GO

Paine, Joseph - Railroad forman - deathGO


PaleoIndians       GO


Pariseau, Ronald - 1940 school class reunionGO


Parker, Buster - fireman - pictureGO

Passaconaway Chief - pictureGO

Passaconaway, farewell address and last wishGO

PASSACONAWAY IN THE WHITE MOUNTAINS Charles E Beals Jr Published in 1916    off site linkGO


Patch, Anita H  -  obitGO

Patch, Maxine Grace Anderson (obit)GO

Peg Mill - A tribute to - NewsletterGO

Peg Mill - Upper Village - pictureGO

Peg Mill - aerial photo, 1952 - courtesy of Al EliasonGO

Pendexter Mansion and Cottage - interesting post card.GO

Pendexter, family story and relativesGO

Pendexter Mansion - picGO

Pendexter Mansion - pic and story 1886GO

Pennett, Wanda - Bartlett High School and obitGO

Pequawket House, the  -  pictureGO

Perkins, Michael J.  Medal of Honor, WW 1GO

Pert's Camp:  Clayton Smith recollectionsGO


Pettengill, Edmund (Sonny)- Graduation pictureGO

Photo credits as applicable to this website     GO  

PHOTOS rare views Livermore and many othersGO


Pickering, Mountain - origination of nameGO

Pictures only - for those who only like picturesGO

Pierce Arrow Touring Sedan, 1931 - PhotoGO

Pigs - Mallett LocomotivesGO

Pine Cottage, the (Glen)      GO

Pines, The - Inn and motel in upper villageGO

Pitman, Benjamin - Cedarcroft(bottom of page)GO

Pitman, Family StoryGO

Pitman Hall Intervale - picGO

Pitman, WilliamGO

Pitman, Winthrop MGO

Pitmans Arch - West Side Rd - 1885 DiscoveryGO

Place Names, AMC Outdoors Nov 2011 - Article, Mark Bushnell     GO

Place Names, Mountains Names Origin (Sweetser Guide Book)      GO

Platt, Joe - caretaker at LivermoreGO


Pleasant Valley Farm - pic and story       GO

Pollard, Michael - obitGO

Pop FoseyGO


Portland & Ogdensburg Rail MapGO    

Portland & Ogdensburg - everything we knowGO

Post Office - upper village - 1940's -  photoGO

Pratt Truss Bridge - Railroad - GlenGO

Presidential Range - origination of mountain namesGO

Proof, Barbara and Howard, Upper Bartlett VillageGO

Pumpkin Hollow - 1909 Rte 16A Intervale       GO

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