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Ownership/Regulatory Status 

The Goodrich Falls hydroelectric project (the “Goodrich Falls project”) presently (as of 2015) owned and operated by the Goodrich Falls Hydroelectric Corporation, a New Hampshire corporation formed in 1977 for the sole purpose of owning and operating the Goodrich Falls project. The history of development, ownership and operation of the Goodrich Falls project is described below.

The Goodrich Falls project was constructed in the early 1900’s by Edwin Moody, the owner and operator of the Black Mountain Ski Area and Phil Robertson of the local electric department in Jackson, NH. To attract skiers to Black Mountain, which at that time was known as Moody’s. Edwin Moody and local inventor, George Morton, constructed one of the first ski lifts in NH.


The Goodrich Falls project was constructed in concert with the lift in order to provide daytime power for the lift and nighttime power for the skiers staying in Moody’s lodge. Ownership of the project was transferred to the Goodrich Falls Hydroelectric Corporation in 1977 and was operated as an unlicensed facility until its application to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for an exemption under Part I of the Federal Power Act.

On January 8, 2001, the Goodrich Falls Hydroelectric Corporation (“GFHC”), filed an application to exempt the existing, unlicensed, 550-kilowatt Goodrich Falls project from the licensing requirements set forth under Section 408 of the Energy Security Act and Part I of the Federal Power Act (FPA).


The project is located on the Ellis River, in the town of Bartlett, Carroll County, New Hampshire. On March 14, 2002, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (the “FERC”) issued an Order Granting Exemption from Licensing (the “Exemption”) for a project 5MW or less, to GFHC for the continued operation of the Goodrich Falls project, FERC Project No. 11870 (see Appendix 1-1). Included in the exemption were additional measures to protect, mitigate adverse impacts to, and enhance project-related environmental resources.

Construction of the Goodrich Falls project was completed in 1935 when first power was generated. The project has operated successfully since initial power was generated in 1935.

The Turbine Room at Goodrich Falls Hydro Plant.  Photo is un-dated so it may not look like this now.


Mills. -The first gristmill Hazen Pitman remembers was Joseph Thomp- son's at Centre Bartlett on Ellis river. This was carried off by a freshet years ago. Soon after the road from Jackson to Glen station was opened, Mr Goodrich built a saw and grist mill on the Kails that bear his name, and the site has been ever since occupied by a mill of some sort, a very line one being now there. Allium Allen had a mill close by the present village of Bartlett. This was long in use. Frank George and Levi Rogers bought the property, and the mill was given up in decay. A small mill was in operation on Stillings hrook in Upper Bartlett under the ownership of Samuel Parker. John Pitman linilt a sawmill about islO, near his home on East branch, a mile above the valley road, and Stephen Burbank had a saw and gristmill in Jericho on Rocky Branch.

source Merrill  History of Carroll County

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