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This picture was taken in the winter of 1952.  If you live in Bartlett you probably drive through here everyday.  Do you know where it is?  Just to keep up the suspense, the answer is at the very bottom of this page.

Everyone knows where The Red Parka Pub is located.  Well, it wasn't always a pub.  It started life as a General Store in the 1940's.

Nancy Grant Bartlett shared this information:   In 1952, the building that is now the Red Parka Pub was my parents' general store. In 1965, they built Grant's (on the hill), and Conway Supply (Bun Lucy) rented the "old store". A year later (I think - maybe it was two), my parents built the shopping center and Conway Supply moved there. At that time, my parents rented the building to Dottie and Rick Roderick, and they opened it as the Red Parka Pub. A couple of years later, the Rodericks moved back to Massachusetts. Dewey & Jean Mark and Al & Lois Nelson then leased it from my parents, and eventually Dewey and Jean purchased it. The rest, as they say, is history.... 




More trivia - the house where Jen Forman lived was the station agent's house, and my great-grandfather, Frank Burnell, (Frank's picture is belowwas the station agent. After Papa (my great-grandfather) died, the house was sold. I don't remember who bought it originally, but it was sold again in the 60's and became Vienna Lodge. The Vienna Lodge sign is also in the Pub at the Parka. My house (since 1968) is just before that.   Click Picture for a large size.

F.E.Hanscom store.jpg

One more 60 year old memory has come in from Roger Marcoux of Bartlett:   "Straight ahead through that left door on the back wall was where The Rifleman rifles were (toy gun) when it was Grant's Store, ( I know, because I got one) and just in front of that on the right was the cooler with 16 ounce Jic-Jac soda for a dime, which was a pretty crazy deal since Cokes were a nickel in Bartlett, plus a 2 cent deposit unless you drank it there, but you only got 6-1/4 ounces, and Pepsi was a dime for 12 ounces. It was also Carroll County Hardware at one point, before they moved that to main street in North Conway on the right side of the entrance to Reporter Court. I helped my dad paint that building." 

Red Parka Pub - 1970


Glen Train Station and Post Office.  Mr Burnell is standing next to the porch.  dated 1909


Nancy Grant Bartlett sent this photo:  "Here is my great-grandfather, Frank Burnell. He was the station agent in Glen and lived in the red house next door to my house." 

glen rr depot.jpg

Roy Sanborn's Store in Glen, N.H.  It closed in the mid 1960's and became Gabby's Pub. It later became The Ross Family's Margarita Grill.  They called it MargaritaVille until the folks who already trademarked the name complained.  As of this writing it is the Margarita Grill Restaurant, Across the Street from Patch's Marketplace. (2022)   Thanks to Robert Gerouard for this picture.


cannells glen on old road925px.jpg

                Cannell's in Glen about 1935. 

At this time the highway ran about 600 feet south of its current location in the Jericho Road area.

The Cannell's that most 2000 era folks remember was at the Intervale Scenic Vista.  They moved there from Glen in 1937.  They closed the business in 2022.  

This post card was sent in by Diane Lambert and is labeled Cannell's, Glen, N.H.  The cars in this picture suggest a time frame in the 1920's.  The mountains in the background are suggestive of the area around the Intervale scenic vista...but the Cannell's did not move there until 1937.  I think a closer investigation will reveal this is a southwesterly view from their Glen location.

Cannell's Postcard Glen NH (Front).jpg

Small Running Title

bartlettboulder (3).jpg

This 1900 era photo shows the Bartlett Boulder suspended by four smaller boulders. 

It was once a very visible attraction but in recent years trees grew up and houses were built.  It is now in the backyard of a house opposite the Glen Warehouse. (Allen Road)

I don't know how they feel about folks traipsing about to search it out. 

There is no sign, so that might be a hint they hope you don't find it.... (just my guess)


The Bartlett Boulder is a large glacial erratic.  The exact date when the Bartlett Boulder came to its final    resting     spot is unknown, but it is generally believed to have been deposited in its current location by a glacier during the last Ice Age, which ended about 11,700 years ago. The Bartlett Boulder is made of Conway granite, which is found about 30 miles to the north. This suggests that the boulder was transported by a glacier from its source to its current location. Glaciers can transport boulders of this size over long distances, and the Bartlett Boulder is a testament to the power of these massive ice sheets. The movement of the Bartlett Boulder is generally attributed to the Wisconsin glaciation, which occurred between 85,000 and 11,000 years ago. During this period, glaciers covered much of North America, including New England, and left behind many glacial features, such as moraines, drumlins, and erratics like the Bartlett Boulder. 


The first covered bridge photo is sometime in the 1950's.

Next one shows it as "The Shop In The Bridge".  It was purchased from the Government for $1.00 by Jules Cassenelli who opened it as a shop in 1968-69.  Mr Cassenelli was also the Bartlett Postmaster and lived on Company Hill (Albany Ave) in the Village.  He also operated the movie theatre in North Conway.  

As of 2022 this location is called "The Covered Bridge Shop" and is part of a Bed n Breakfast next door.  

The lower photo is the backside of the postcard, dated Sep 24, 1969.

bartlett bridge w thompsons inn sign.jpg
Covered Bridge Shop 1969.jpg
Covered Bridge Shop 1969 backside.jpg

The Road Kill Cafe - 1992

Was located just west of the West Side Road intersection.  This area was known for many years as "Frog Rock".  The frog was recently moved a hundred yards west to Norman Head's property.

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