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Glen Area


This picture was taken in the winter of 1952.  If you live in Bartlett you probably drive through here everyday.  Do you know where it is?  Just to keep up the suspense, the answer is at the very bottom of this page.

Everyone knows where The Red Parka Pub is located.  Well, it wasn't always a pub.  It started life as a General Store in the 1940's.

Nancy Grant Bartlett shared this information:   In 1952, the building that is now the Red Parka Pub was my parents' general store. In 1965, they built Grant's (on the hill), and Conway Supply (Bun Lucy) rented the "old store". A year later (I think - maybe it was two), my parents built the shopping center and Conway Supply moved there. At that time, my parents rented the building to Dottie and Rick Roderick, and they opened it as the Red Parka Pub. A couple of years later, the Rodericks moved back to Massachusetts. Dewey & Jean Mark and Al & Lois Nelson then leased it from my parents, and eventually Dewey and Jean purchased it. The rest, as they say, is history.... 

         More trivia - the house where Jen Forman lived was the station agent's house, and my great-grandfather, Frank Burnell, (Frank's picture is on the next Page) was the station agent. After Papa (my great-grandfather) died, the house was sold. I don't remember who bought it originally, but it was sold again in the 60's and became Vienna Lodge. The Vienna Lodge sign is also in the Pub at the Parka. My house (since 1968) is just before that.   Click Picture for a large size.

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Glen Train Station and Post Office.  Mr Burnell is standing next to the porch.  dated 1909

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