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Renovation Gallery page 5

A015a New Furance.jpg

Let there be heat:  New furnace installed as part of the full HVAC system.  


DSC_4375 Rough Plumbing & Wiring Text.jpg
DSC_4369 Rough-in Electrical Panel Text.jpg

Heat, Plumbing and Electrical have been expensive. 


DSC_4378 Siding & Insulation Text.jpg
A015 DSC_3602 Floating Loft.jpg

Choir loft suspended from ceiling giving the appearance of floating.


A004 DSC_2925 Holy Rosary Sodality.jpg
Windows North Face Text 2.jpg
DSC_4372 Floor View North Wall Text.jpg
DSC_4368 North Face from School Playground Text.jpg
DSC_4364 South Face New Windows Text.jpg
A016 DSC_3605 Building Front.jpg
A017 DSC_4006 Museum w Red Door v2.jpg
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