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Wreck at Dismal Pool - 1952

This little article was found by this editor on a Facebook post in October 2021.  The article by itself is not remarkable but it finally confirms what I always thought was a myth, since I could never find factual evidence.  Namely, "That there is at least one box car down in the Dismal Pool near the Crawford Notch Gateway".

2021-10-10_Dismal Pool wreck 1952.jpg

I'd like to thank the photographer for settling this story in my mind.  Now I know it is fact...not myth.

2021 10 10 Boxcar in Dismal Pool area_wreck 1950s.jpg

Ironically, on the same day I found the article, these pictures from down in Dismal Pool appeared on another Face book post by Hutch Hutchinson of Salem, Ma.  He discovered them on a little family Hike.  October 2021. 


You can find his post on facebook at:

Who knows how far you might have to scroll to find it...haha

2021 10 10 Boxcar in dismal pool 1950s.jpg
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