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Wreck of the 380           Frank Washburn

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Locomotive #380 Wreck West of Bemis Crossing, August 1922.


The engine in the picture is Locomotive #380. The Mallett 1202 was following about ten minutes behind as they had both been on a "helper run" assisting a train through the Notch. #380 was built in 1908 and was a class  O-2, 4-6-0 wheel arrangement


Scotty Mallett tells us, "That's Frank Washburn's wreck. It happened in august of 1922 when the tender brake beam failed, the locomotive jackknifed and flipped over. Mr Washburn was taken to the hospital with a sprained ankle and some bruises. Nothing is mentioned about how the fireman ended up, it could be he had no injury's"

Bemis is the area near Madam Morey's Inn Unique, Today's Notchland Inn.

The photographs were sent to us by Richard Garon, who's grandfather was a Stationmaster in Bartlett during the 1920's.  Rick didn't know much about the pictures, but Scotty Mallett, who is our railroad history expert, identified all the photos and provided a little story. 


Some Photos on this page, and elsewhere on this web-site, are part of the Raymond W. Evans collection now owned by Robert Girouard.  We extend our gratitude for his permission to use them as part of this and other stories. - - Dave

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